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Resolving complaints about solicitors

Bill reduction

What is bill reduction?

As well as awarding compensation we can also reduce your solicitor's bill. This is called 'bill reduction'. We can do this if:

  • the value of the solicitor's work was reduced and you didn't get what you paid for; or
  • the solicitor didn't give you enough information about their costs.

If your solicitor gave you an estimate of their costs, and went over the estimate without telling you, we could reduce their bill to the last estimate they gave you. When we decide whether we should reduce the bill we look at what you thought your costs would be.

There is no limit on how much we can reduce a bill by.

If you are happy with the service the solicitor provided but feel your bill is too high, you may want to have your costs assessed by the court. For more information call our helpline on 0845 608 6565, or speak to your caseworker if we are already dealing with a complaint from you.