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Resolving complaints about solicitors

Court assessment

You can apply for your solicitor's bill to be assessed by the court, but you should get independent legal advice before you pursue this option.

Your solicitor can also ask the court to assess the bill they've sent you.

Court assessment of your bill is a court proceeding. As a result, it's likely that you'll pay court costs. Even if the court reduces your solicitor's bill, you may be ordered by the court to pay your own court costs and those of your solicitor.

There are strict time limits on applications for court assessment.

  • If you apply to the court within one month after receiving your solicitor's bill, the court will grant your application for an assessment.

  • If you apply between one month and 12 months after receiving your solicitor's bill, and you haven't paid the bill, the court can choose whether or not to grant your application.

  • If you paid your solicitor's bill more than 12 months ago, the court will refuse any application for a court assessment.