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Resolving complaints about solicitors

Non-financial remedies

What are non-financial remedies?

If we find that you have received poor service, we can tell your solicitor to take specific action to put things right. We can only tell solicitors to take steps that are within their control. Usually we would tell them to do something within a certain timescale and we would be specific about exactly what had to be done.

For example we can order solicitors to

  • complete probate (probate is the legal process of sorting out the estate of someone who has died) or produce bills within a certain period of time (in cases where someone has died)
  • send your file to you
  • register your ownership of a property

Often you ask us to consider non-financial remedies because this is the outcome you want. We will also look at the effect the poor service has on you and consider whether, as well as getting the solicitor to put things right for you, it would also be appropriate for them to pay compensation for your distress and inconvenience, or to reduce their bill.